Sorry, guys, it’s one of those days today where they actually want me to work for my paycheck. I really am not okay with that, but. . .I’m not all that crazy about the alternative. So this will be short and sweet.

My computer at home crashed yesterday, but the details are sketchy at best, with a lot of infighting, he-said she-said b.s., and playing the blame game. In other words, hubby said I told him he could delete a certain file (uh, yeah, sweetie, you just go ahead and delete that .dll file that freakin’ initializes Windows!!!) and I said that I would never tell him to delete a .dll file and that I was talking about the virus, not the file, you moron, and he was all “why can’t you fix this over the phone?” and I was all “could you fix a car over the phone?” and he was like “just tell me how to fix this” and I was like “I can’t fix it till I see what damage you’ve caused” and he was like “that doesn’t make any sense” and I was like “well, you don’t make any sense.”So. “At the end of the day” I fixed the computer, with lots of free tech support from John, the hubby of my good friend Kristie who won’t post to the comments because she doesn’t have a boob shot like Sherri but I love her anyway, and I got “closure.” And the last word.

Ain’t it great?