Don’t you just love when the office slut sends you a religious e-mail? Isn’t that just the greatest? Okay, just had to get that out of my system.

I got the coolest surprise this morning. Now, as surprises go, it’s not all that big. It’s not earth-shattering. It’s just, well, fun. See, our IT guy sent out an e-mail to those of us whose files are taking up too much valuable space on the server. Music, movies, excessive photos, that kind of stuff. So he just asked that we move our stuff to our local disk and get it off the network. So, thinking that all I have on the server is probably a few too many photos, I obediently went about moving the evil files. (Ok, not really obediently. It’s just that he said that we can do it by Friday or he’ll do it, only his way is deleting the files, not moving them.) So I moved my pictures and the few little videos I had saved over time that I didn’t want to lose. But I opened a file that I really didn’t even know existed, and lo and behold, there were over 300 songs that I had downloaded, a couple of computers ago, when I had Napster and Kazaa. Great, old music. Stuff I had forgotten about. Early-to-mid-90’s stuff. I can’t believe I even found some of those downloads. So it was a great surprise — they will all play on the Windows player on my computer, so I’m in musical nirvana (and Nirvana).Funny how little things like that can just make your day. It’s not just the little bad things that can ruin a day — little happy things can do the same, if you let them. It’s like the Glad Game in “Pollyanna” (which, if you have not seen it, means you are younger than me and I hate you). So what kind of little happy things have happened to you today?