Well, it’s the calm after the storm — the storm of last-minute shopping, wrapping gifts — what, there’s no more Scotch tape?!?!?– opening presents, getting ready to go somewhere else to open more presents, coming home with the haul, playing with the stuff…quite frankly, if I have to undo ONE MORE toy from its theft-proof backing I’m going to scream. That’s all I can do — I can’t punch anything because my fingertips are sore from the undoing of toys from their theft-proof backing. At least Miss Priss has outgrown Barbies — that was the worst. Because after you got the stuff out, you had to assemble it. No assembling this year. Just the scrambling for double A’s and the constant “will someone play my game with me?” But it’s over. At least that part of it. I’m trying desperately to keep the spirit going around here — the reason for it all.

With the death of my mom in 2003 and the expected-but-not-on-Christmas-Eve-expected death of my uncle on Saturday, my extended family is being reduced to really small numbers. So we go about it — all of us — as best as we can, and just remember all of those who are no longer with us. But we did have an enjoyable weekend in spite of it all. It really is for the kids, and they had a blast. We all laughed a lot, ate too much, laughed and ate some more. No worries.

Now it comes to a halt, over the next few days, and we sluggishly venture forth — back to work, back to school, back to reality. Fortunately, I have you guys to share my misery with — and hey! Guess what? This was kinda cool for me. My site cracked 1,000 hits over Christmas weekend! I know, in the grand scheme, it’s not all that big a deal, but since I’m relatively new, give it to me, huh?

As I’ve said before, 2005 sucked. Big time. Let’s hope that 2006 sucks the life out of everything that was bad in ’05.