A big “thanks” to all of you have stuck your little cyber-pins in my frappr.com map. It is so cool to see where all my new blog buds are on the map, and it’s also a visual reminder of how many new friends I’ve made this year. What an awesome gift that has been! I look forward to checking my comments daily and hearing from all of you, and I always set aside a part of my day, no matter how busy I am, to stop and catch up with all of you. Thanks for inviting me into your worlds and becoming a part of mine. This has truly been a great experience.
Well, it’s Christmas week (Yeah. I said CHRISTMAS. And that’s okay!). All the waiting (by the kids), the planning, the shopping (well, almost), the anticipation. Those most magical of days — here for a short time, then gone. Probably one of the most melancholy feelings, those days afterwards, when there’s nothing beneath the tree but needles, and you realize that it’s really over for another year. And you also realize that it’s back to work, back to routine. For all the bitching and complaining I do, there’s still nothing like this time of year.

So I skipped out on you guys Friday — thought I could post but the office party kicked off a little earlier than planned and things got, well, crazy. The weekend was productive — finally cleaned my house. I had neglected things for so long around there that I was telling people that I was waiting on FEMA to come and declare it safe to live in. Yeah, couldn’t dust the furniture till the insurance adjusters came in and inspected…

One day of work this week then I’m off until the 27th. Posting to my page will be sporadic at best. Unbeknownst to the folks that pay me, I have a lot more time to post at work than I ever get at home. I hope to stick my head in from time to time and check on you all, but if I miss anyone, I want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas. As I’ve said before, and mentioned earlier in this post, I have so enjoyed getting to know each of you, your babies, your co-workers (especially when they don’t know we are talking about them), your grown children, your exes. It’s been a blast, and I just love y’all to death!

Have a great week! And if you haven’t affixed yourself to the frappr/wordnerdbuds map, what are you waiting for?