Ok, no post today. I’m about to venture out into the wilderness (that is, a medium-sized city filled with the population of a huge city that got run outta town by Katrina) and run errands. And just think of all the bitching and moaning I’ll have for you all tomorrow after this experience. . .
But look — I need a favor from you guys. If you’ll scroll down my not-a-blog page, on the right sidebar, you’ll see an off-kilter (Blogger won’t let me move it…whatever) little icon, if you will, that will link you to my frappr map. (It’s right below where I link to other blogs. And I mean right below.) And I ask you, please, to stick your little pins on it so I don’t look like this total loser with no friends! Right now it’s just me and Wil, and we’re awfully lonely on that big ass map.

I said no post, but actually it was one, I suppose. “More better” tomorrow! Wish me luck!