So how much do you tip an eye-rolling server? I mean really. There were nine of us at the table for lunch today. Our server rolled her eyes at least three times when we asked for things such as tea refills, tartar sauce for the fried seafood, an extra plate for two people who had chosen to share an entree. I mean what the hell? Am I putting you out, honey??? Excuse me, but this is your job. It was all separate checks (which we told her about up front, by the way, in case you are feeling sorry for her), so I would have had to enlist the other eight people at my table to equally stiff the girl. It wasn’t like we sent her back and forth a million times. But if someone is sharing an entree, I’m thinking you should assume that both people would like to eat off of a plate. Something about dumping half the coleslaw onto the bare table just doesn’t sit right with me. And of course, the rule is not to let people’s tea glasses sit empty for very long. Oh, and when I gave her a $10 bill and told her I needed some ones, and she brought me two fives? Honey, I’m not tipping you a five — now go back and get me some ones. Sigh. I could handle the ineptitude — I’m pretty patient with people as a general rule (don’t laugh…I really am — I just bitch a lot). But the heavy sigh and eye-rolling really, really got to me. That’s my job, sweetheart, not yours.
Ok, on to more festive thoughts. What’s your favorite Christmas song? I know there are a lot of categories, and I also know that all of you know my least favorite, but how ’bout it? My favorite traditional one is Bing Crosby’s “Do You Hear What I Hear,” and “O Holy Night.” My favorite “rock” one, if you will, is Vince Vance & The Valiants’ “All I Want for Christmas is You.” Not Mariah Carey’s. Although it is a close second, which is pretty interesting since she is on my list of people that should just disappear. And I like the Bing Crosby-David Bowie rendition of “Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth.” And finally, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra/Metallica version of “Christmas Bells” or whatever the actual name of it is. And the follow-up question is this. Of all the traditional ones, which ones have you never, ever learned the words to? You know, for every “Silent Night” there is a “Good King Wencelas.”

I’d love to hear your comments on these. I’d rather read your comments than my posts.