Sigh. Expect nothing from me today and you won’t be disappointed. It’s dull, rainy, and dreary outside, with the temperatures hovering in that not-quite-cold-not-quite-warm range that signals the next front. (I want to hear nothing from those of you who are experiencing an actual winter. Thank you.) I got loads of stuff done at work yesterday and [co-workers, please stop reading here] am completely, totally unmotivated to get anything done today. My in-laws have lost their minds — completely — but fortunately they are in Atlanta and I’m not. However, I’m getting the phone calls and e-mails from my sisters-in-law & hubby asking what I think. Ummm, I’m an outsider, guys…but I knew they were nuts a LONG time ago. Come out from under your respective rocks and join the enlightened.
So this is short and sweet. I’m not going to go on and on about the in-law thing because I’m tired of talking (and hearing) about it. I’m not going to go on and on about the fact that I can’t seem to track any of the 758 online orders that really need to get to me before next Friday when we exchange gifts at work. And I refuse to go on and on about the fact that the piped-in “sounds of the season” have played THAT SAME STUPID SONG followed by Feliz Navidad (the second worst) at least 37 times today. Oh, and I’m not going to go on about my newest song I hate — it’s a version of Rudolph where Bing Crosby, I think, or maybe Dean Martin, whothehell knows, keeps referring to him as “Rudy.”

Have a great day, and for those of you who stayed till the bitter end today? God bless ya.