A big fat happy thank-you to all of you who did one of these three things yesterday: (1) posted wishes that I cheer my ass up and get with the whole Christmas thing, (2) jumped aboard the apathy train and went right along for the ride with me, or (3) put the whole damned thing in perspective. Each of you, in some way, either by comments or by e-mail, helped get me out of the funk I was in. And today is better. It’s cold but sunny, the UPS guy knocked on my door last night with boxes o’ fun, and I even did some shopping. So I’m fat with Christmas today.
Trouble is, I have nothing to write about when I’m not cranky. I used to keep a written journal, but I stopped it when I realized that I only wrote when I was upset or angry. Well, I take that back. I didn’t always do that. I actually wrote everything B.C. (Before children.) Then I got some kids. With two younguns running around the house, there was not much time for meditation and writing. Hell, there wasn’t time for a bath. So if I got upset, and wanted to vent, I’d close myself off for awhile and write it all down. I guess I felt it was better than blowing up at whoever pissed me off. But when I went back and looked at my journals later? Oh man. I sounded like one unhappy bitch. When I die, if anyone digs up those journals, they’ll think, “Oh, dear Lord, that was one crazy bitch. I’m surprised she lived this long.” Thinking about it, I should probably burn that stuff.

But anyway, I just don’t write all happy and flowery. Not much, anyway. Besides, there’s always something bugging me, even if it’s the hole in my sock that my toe has now worked its way out of. Talk about aggravating. That goes right along with wet feet, paper cuts, and hangnails on the very long list of things I could live without. (That list comes right before the list of people I could live without. Which is appended to the list of people that should just die. )

Any rate. [Insert smile here if you are in my little circle of trust and know what’s behind that random phrase. . .if you don’t, go back and read old posts of mine. Or don’t. And just wonder.] I’m going to try to continue my halfway decent mood, listening to Christmas music until that one damned song comes on and spoils it for me.

It doesn’t take much.

P.S. Sorry about the pic today. Blogger was having none of my foolishness this morning and wouldn’t upload my first four choices. This is #5. Anyone unhappy with it can post their bank account number to the comments and I’ll deposit a full refund.