Ok, I’m over it. Two batches of cookies outta the way and I’m already wondering why I volunteered to do the cooking. We have always had the traditional meal, either at my parents’, my sister’s, or my house, or we traveled to the in-laws’ in Atlanta. This year, sister is with soon-to-be-new-inlaws, and we are home, with brother coming over. So why am I cooking enough to feed the 256th battalion? Geez. Right now we’re dreaming of leftovers, but you know what? I guaran-damn-tee ya it’ll be thrown out early next week. And everyone will be wanting pizza delivery. But it’s a tradition, to overcook and overeat. And it’s my feast this year.
Do I even have to tell you that Mr. Cool started in on me about the rest of the Christmas decorations before I even got in the door?

At any rate, Thanksgiving is here, and I hope we can all take a second to remember what it’s all about and remember to be truly thankful. This year, I have something new to be thankful for, and that’s my new community of friends I have become acquainted with thru The WVSR, your blogs, and my “not-a-blog.” Thanks to all of you for dropping in as you do, adding your comments from time to time, and linking to me on your own pages. It’s been a great ride, and I’m looking forward to lots more fun with you guys! You’re the best!

A very, very Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!