This is a fun game that I blatantly stole from my dear friend Metten, who blatantly stole it from his friend Kenju, who I understand stole it from someone else. Here’s what you do. Google “[your name] is:” And pull the first ones you see. I did it with “Wordnerd is” at first. Trouble is, there are a lot of things called Wordnerd, and a lot of people. Don’t be fooled, though. I’m the original. Here’s a few I got on the first pass:

Wordnerd is a damn fine thing

Wordnerd is a multiplayer word game based on Hasbro’s Boggle

Wordnerd contemplates feline spirituality

I had a lot more fun with my first name. The italicized parts are, of course, mine. (Metten warned me about sticking my name out here like this, so please, guys, don’t stalk me and prove him right. Besides, I’m in a freakin’ prosecutor’s office. Don’t be doin’ what you can’t do time for, ‘kay?)

Erika is currently looking for a new band to back her ass up – more like hold her ass up. . .

Erika is the strange one who asks a lot of “dumb questions” – moi???

Erika is also a Certified Life Between Life Therapist – Uh huh, that’s me alright – what the hell???

Erika has no stamina – now we’re talkin’

Erika is to be respected and honored for standing strong in the face of …-you fill in the blank here with just about anything

Erika is not insane, she’s just fucked up, and probably had some bad shit happen well, now, this could take days. . .

Erika is a beautiful singing Barbie doll based on the movie – [bats her eyes]

Here is a close-up of Erika’s cleft – hmmm

Erika is certainly a person who enjoys the finer things in life uh, YEAH? And?

Erika is moving toward the west near 23 mph – More like 123 mph

Erika is so fun and pretty. . .And she lets us know when we are wrong! – Damn straight she does

Erika is possibly the sexiest little hellcat acting onscreen nowadays – lmao

Erika is forecast to become a hurricane prior to landfall – if you don’t get the hell outta her way

Erika is a former Nazi – Was not!

Erika is asking for Maryland’s highest court to overturn her conviction – pleeeeeeeeeze????

I could go on forever – there were 6.1 million results. Give it a try and post ‘em to the comments.

Wow. I posted without ranting.