A few years back, an entertainment magazine would run an issue now and then that dealt with guilty pleasures. (Not those, Metten.) They would run lists of movies, tv shows, junk food, etc. that the authors were embarrassed to admit they liked. I always enjoyed that particular issue because I have plenty of guilty pleasures. You know the ones — you have them too. The crappy movies that you sneak to watch. The predictable tv sitcoms. Really nasty junk food. What big slice of pop culture do you indulge in when no one is watching?

I’ll go first. Obviously. Let’s take movies. I know I’m setting myself up for total ridicule here. We’re talking critically panned, predictable popcorn movies. Or, in some cases, movies that were doomed from the start. Here are a few of my favorites.

“8 Seconds.” Ok. There, I said it. An atrocious movie starring the equally atrocious Luke Perry as a rodeo cowboy. I watch it every time it comes on. “Poltergeist.” The first one only — even I have standards. “The Day After Tomorrow,” even with its global warming-Dick Cheney-as-bad-guy treehuggedness. “A Walk to Remember.” I know. I’m shameless. But have you seen it?

TV shows. Readers, I’m a Gilmore Girls addict. Sorry. I just am. Gentlemen, please commence smacking your foreheads in frustration. Extreme Makeover Home Edition before it got so, well, so weepy. The first season of Big Brother. Last season’s American Idol. Becker reruns. King of the Hill.

Homemade mac & cheese. Taco Bell. Funnel cakes. Eating ice cream out of the container with the freezer door open. Cheap concession stand nachos. Sonic. Waffle House. Get the idea?

Now. How about you? We are a non-judgmental group here and promise not to laugh. Honest. We can cast our eyes upon the inferior later. For now, play wif me.