It’s getting cooler, even here in the south. Well, relatively. Had to grab a blanket last night. So it brings to mind all the things that I associate with fall — my favorite season. And I’m thinking that football is in full swing, the leaves are turning, it’s not 98 degrees with 99% relative humidity, soups and chili are making it back onto the menu at the Wordnerd house. And, in the not too distant future, winter sports start. Not here, of course, but in parts of the country that actually enjoy four full seasons. Winter sports. Screech. Halt. Erase and rewind. I don’t like winter sports. They head up one of my many lists. The list of things I don’t “get.” I just don’t understand the appeal of certain things. Hmmm, wonder if this is going to segue into Wordnerd’s List of Stuff She Just Doesn’t Get?

Wordnerd’s List of Stuff She Just Doesn’t Get

1. Skiing. I know you think I’m crazy. I may even lose a friend or two over this one. I just don’t get the appeal. I love the snow, I love the lodges, I love hanging out INSIDE the lodges with something hot and steamy (cocoa, that is, you sleazes). And I know what you’re thinking — NO, I have not tried it. And I won’t. So leave me alone. This goes for snowboarding and all those other death-in-less-than-a-second sports.

2. Water skiing. See above. Only substitute a lake and a campsite for the snow and the lodges. And something ice cold for the cocoa. Got it?

3. Boxing. Dumb.

4. Wrestling (the sport, not the tv attraction). Maybe if they wore something a little less, um, goofy?

5. Nascar. It’s cool to watch the end. Not the two hours before it. If the most exciting thing about it is when someone has a near-death experience in the 17th lap, something is wrong. Terribly wrong.

6. Fishing on tv. WTF?

7. Quentin Tarantino movies. They suck.

There you have it. Oh, wait. Number 8.

8. Lists always having to consist of ten items. They shouldn’t have to, and this one doesn’t.

Happy Monday.