Wow. I am totally amazed. Being a novice in the not-a-blog writing department, as well as a relative newbie to the whole blogging community, I guess I still have this wide-eyed innocence when it comes to it all. But man! Some people can downright WRITE. I am constantly floored, not to mention humbled, by the quality of some of the stuff I have read. Next time you think you got sumthin’, read someone else’s work. Phew. I’m not fit to edit their comma splices, that’s for damn sure. Granted, there is some crap out there, because, frankly, anyone can attempt this. But it is one thing to go typing crap all willy-nilly (thank you, Jeff) and quite another to put something down that is actually worth reading.

The weekend is here, and boy howdy, am I ready for it. Not that there’s a lot on my agenda, but there’s also no alarm clock. No carpool. No rush hour. Got my Tigers playing on tv (you should tune in — it’s going to be a good one) and all is right with the world. I guess the older you get, the better boring weekends sound.

I saw the most disturbing sight earlier. It was a picture of the “new” James Bond. More specifically, it’s the new guy that is going to play Bond. No, no, no. This is wrong, people. He is not Bond. Geez — he almost makes Timothy Dalton believable. Notice I said almost. I hate to say this, but only two could play the guy — Connery and Roger Moore. There’s an ongoing battle at my house because, quite frankly, I like Roger Moore better than Sean Connery. I know, I know. It’s blasphemy. But I never was into the early movies until after I had seen the Roger Moore ones, so Moore is just more, well, he’s more Bond, to me. I have since caught up on the Sean Connery Bonds, mainly because TBS has this love affair with everything Bond and runs marathons (when they aren’t running Breakfast Club 24/7). And he’s good, but Roger is my man. My apologies.

Have a great weekend — whatever it’s filled with.