So what does a not-a-blogger do when she is uninspired? When there is simply nothing going on up there? I spent the better part of my three-day weekend doing menial household stuff — certainly nothing worth noting here — so there are no points of reference. My drive in to work was unremarkable. Tigers won, so nothing to complain about there. I already promised not to discuss my politics or my children on here, and I don’t think I could even formulate a decent post about either today. I guess it’s just going to be random musings today. Aw, gee, no one has ever done that before, have they?

Something occurred to me over the weekend that I had never thought of before. A few of you may remember the old days, when your beer or soft drink cans had to be opened with a can opener. Remember how you had to poke a smaller hole across from the one you were going to drink out of, otherwise the liquid wouldn’t come out? Why don’t today’s drink cans require that? You just pop the top and there you are. (I told you it was a dull weekend!) I’m sure one of my six readers has a definitive answer to that, and I am also sure that it will make me look ridiculous, but I’m just curious. So help me out here — and be kind.

I’m also curious why we don’t sneeze or hiccup in our sleep. I’m curious why the woman in the elevator violated every rule of elevator behavior and turned toward me and stared the whole time we were in there. (I checked the mirror when I got back — nothing to report.) I wanna know when you lose weight, where does it go? Ok — I know — I stole that from some random e-mail from long, long ago, but I DO want to know!

Finally, and totally off-the-subject (what the subject is I have no clue), thanks to Brenda Love for her very kind shout-out on her page, PlanetBrenda. You’re too kind! (And probably embarrassed, as you outted me on your page and sent everyone my way only to see today’s post…my humble apologies…)

That’s it, guys — I got nothin’. Forgive me.