I have a list of pet peeves a mile long today. It’s because I’m tired, for one, and because I encountered every aggravation and annoyance I should ever have to endure all before 9:00 this morning. Traffic has been a real nightmare lately, what with the influx of new residents that moved this way to escape the hurricane(s) (and haven’t left yet), so of course I had to make my way through the route-from-hell (kids’ school to my office) not once but twice this morning. Sitting behind people that would rather not move, would rather not use a turn signal (unless, of course, they have no intention of turning and have chosen instead to leave it on for good luck), and who don’t like the shade of green the light has turned provides a lot of idle time for those of us that ACTUALLY HAVE TO BE SOMEWHERE — hence my list. It was either that or hit someone, and I really don’t need my insurance premiums to go up.

So all this idle time led me to think. There are a lot of things that annoy me. Some little, some big, and some that will make you think I am downright insane. (Keep those opinions to yourself, please — you’re annoying me.) First — people that say things incorrectly. A woman was talking the other day about her new Nissan “Maximum.” You just paid a buncha money for this car, hopefully read the literature when making your comparisons, and otherwise researched this vehicle — couldja please just get the name right? This is particularly annoying when people want to appear intelligent and then open their mouths. People that say, for example, “. . .was talking to both him and I” because they think they are supposed to. People that notice when Wordnerd has ended her sentence with a preposition. Oops. People that say “air-condition” when they should say “air-conditioning.” People that refer to their driver’s license as a plural — “I left them in my back pocket and now I can’t find them.”

Other things? People that don’t finish their course of antibiotics because they feel better. People that brag about the fact that they hate to read and “can’t remember the last time they read a book” or “will never be bored enough to read.” People that wash, wax, detail and spit-shine their vehicles but never check the oil or the brakes. People that live vicariously through their children. People that pretend to be political. Sure, you have the right to be Republican, Democrat, Green Party, whatever — just know what you are talking about instead of just wearing all the ribbons. People without a clue.

I need more coffee.

Bitching, ranting, and raving. It’s not just for Mondays anymore.